Childbirth Preparation Classes in Ann Arbor provides Childbirth education,  breastfeeding classes, infant massage and postpartum visits  in ann arbor and surrounding areas. specializing in private classes!

Breast Feeding


Pregnancy is an optimal time to learn about the importance of breastfeeding and develop a positive support system to have in place when baby arrives.  Adequate breastfeeding counseling and support are essential for mothers and families to initiate and maintain optimal breastfeeding practices. 

Classes begin January 2014!


Baby massage


Baby massage is simple to learn and offers many long and short term benefits to infants and their parents too!  Physical growth, security, general well-being, social skills are just a few of the many benefits to babies.  Parents can benefit from relaxation, developing sensitivity, confidence-building and improving parent-child relationship and enhancing nonverbal communication between you and your baby.  Classes beginning January 2014!


Child Birth preparation


Comprehensive childbirth preparation classes in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas, designed for pregnant women and their partners. This in-depth, interactive class meets once weekly over a 6 week period.  A one-day condensed class available for families with busy schedules. Private classes possible by appointment.